Working at Smith Solutions means fun, development, and results. Sales & recruitment is like top-level sports, so that mindset is a must. Additionally, every employee at Smith Solutions is given the freedom to be themselves and evolve into a true professional. We believe that enjoyment leads to better performance, and vice versa! That’s why we do everything to maintain a great atmosphere at work. We organize various outings, such as our annual trip to Mallorca, knowledge sessions, monthly dinners, and, of course, the Friday afternoon drinks in our own bar at Oostenburgergracht in Amsterdam.


Without continual growth and progress, success has no meaning.

Growth and development are highly valued and are part of our core values. Each person inherently possesses their own personal qualities and desires. When you can bring these together effectively, you ensure a good harmony between personal qualities, growth, and results.

Every employee at Smith Solutions is given the space to perform at their best and develop into a true professional. We ensure that you have the right tools needed to make an impact and achieve your goals.

Could you be one of our top performers within a year, or do you enjoy taking steps in a coordinating role?
At Smith Solutions, you’ll be surrounded by professionals who help you rapidly grow in an environment where you can make a difference.


Can you envision yourself working at Smith Solutions?
We would love to receive your CV and cover letter, explaining why you’d be a great addition to our team. If we’re as enthusiastic about you as you are about Smith Solutions, we’d like to invite you for an introduction at our office in Amsterdam East. During this meeting, we’ll tell you more about the opportunities at Smith Solutions and would love to learn more about you and your ambitions. If there’s mutual interest, we’ll schedule a second interview as soon as possible.

Offer accepted?
We’d like to invite you again to the office to sign your contract and get to know the rest of the team. If you’d like to join the social hour right away, you’re more than welcome! On your first day, there will be a nice welcome package and a personal development plan waiting for you. Now, you’re truly ready to start!
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